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District Round of the German Olympiad

My Participation in the District Round

The district round of the German Olympiad took place in Usti nad Labem on February 25, 2016. Dr. Vrabel, my classmate Josef and I started from the boarding house at 5:30 AM. I was nervous and tired at the same time. When we arrived in Usti, I was wide awake and even began to look forward to the competition which consisted of three parts: listening comprehension, reading and speaking. I finished the first two written parts much earlier than the other students. That’s why I wasn’t sure if I had really answered all the questions. The most difficult part for me was speaking because I’m not very talkative and I knew I would have to improvise a lot. My topics were “Eating habits” and “Complaining about a broken washing machine”. All the members of the examination board were really nice, which made me feel comfortable after all. When the results were announced I was proud to hear that I was the winner. I would like to thank Dr. Vrabel for enrolling me in the competition and for accompanying me. I am ready now to represent my school in the national round of the German olympiad in Prague.

Zdenek Janata Funke, March 1, 2016

Awards for Zdenek Janata Funke und Josef Kousal_2016.pdf

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