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Carnival 2017

February 28 - we know that on this day carnival is celebrated everywhere, and so it was in the boarding house too. The students from the binational classes appeared wearing different kinds of masks, for example that of a cat or a scientist. How did everything go?

After the last lesson on Tuesday we went straight to the boarding house. First we had lunch. Right after that we started to make the masks. After we had changed our clothes we went outside on the courtyard.


We started singing the most traditional songs with instrumental accompaniment and we also danced. After the fifth song we went into town. We stopped on the market square where it was our job to convince the major to show himself. We succeeded and we got a sweet reward. Other people working in the town hall showed up too. We sang a happy Czech song for them.

When we were back in the boarding house again, our teachers gave us bread with goose fat and doughnuts. It was great and carnival 2017 wilts in our memories.

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