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Course guidance and career counseling

Betina Stock, Certified psychologist

Academic profession consultant

Team U25
Agentur für Arbeit Pirna
Seminarstr. 9, 01796 Pirna

Appointment requests for registered students and short questions

Email : oder

Appointment allocation for new registration and application forms:

at the agency in person
BIZ: 03501 /791 505
Servicecenter: 01801 / 555 111*
(* 3,9 Cents per minute, German Telekom, mobile providers different)
Fax career guidance: 03501/791 685

Our offers:

  • Individual consultation at the agency
  • Consultation hour at school (please sign the list)
  • Advice and support for choosing a career path
  • Advice and support for choosing company apprenticeships
  • Financial support in finding company apprenticeships
  • Orientation to career and university studies (in school, at the BIZ; university days etc.)
  • Application and test seminars, choice-of-career workshops
  • Further information at:

PDF-file: studienberatung.pdf