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Friedrich Schiller Gymnasium invites you to get to know a vibrant school community with notable traditions, significant achievements and a pleasant atmosphere.
The special focus of our school guarantees excellent degrees.

National and international networking is the basis for our students that enables them to acquire future-oriented skills.
Our completely renovated school building with top-quality equipment, the romantic school park and the exquisitely styled boarding house generate an excellent learning and living environment.

However, it is most important for us to create a compassionate and mutually supportive teaching and learning environment that makes it possible for everyone to pursue higher goals. Our community of students, teachers, parents, our promotion association, the secretaries and technical staff is based on ethical principles and guarantees the best possible conditions for each student’s individual development.

Our school’s doors both online and in real life are wide open and we are looking forward to your visit.

Bernd Wenzel, School Principal

Additional Selection Process for the Czech Part of the Binational 8th Grade

Czech students who are going to complete grade 8 at an elementary school or a corresponding year at a secondary school in the Czech Republic this school year may apply until September 15th, 2017 for subsequent admission to our binational-bilingual German-Czech course at Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium Pirna.

Anniversary at FSG

Anniversary at Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium under the patronage of the state’s premier

A remarkable anniversary at Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium is going to take place on Sunday, August 6th, 2017. A new German-Czech class is being formed at the school for the twentieth time in succession. At the beginning of the 1996 school year, the first 15 German students started in grade 5; two years later they were joined by the Czech students so that the first BINA-class (binational and bilingual) was ready to get going in 1998. 

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Doping at the Dragon Boat Race!

Town festival in Pirna. Every nerve is strained. Nine dragon boats are ready to compete against each other. All of them want to win. The FSG team has had enough of always being among the last ones. That’s been very frustrating!

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