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School exchange and language trip


To France

Collège „Jeanne d’Arc“ in Morteau

Our partnership with the Jeanne d’Arc College in Morteau, which has a long tradition and a special meaning to our French colleagues and the teachers from former Rainer Fetscher Gymnasium has become an integral part of our school’s program.

Active correspondences with pen-friends establish friendly relationships among the students from our partner schools. In grades 9 and 10, the students then take part in a mutual student exchange.
Next to the participation in many projects of the corresponding school, the program also includes lots of trips and excursions.

Priorities of the exchange program:

  • The students apply their language skills which they have aquired in 3 or 4 years of learning.
  • They get to know the cultural specialties of the host country, its people and their traditions.
  • They get to know geographical features and touristic sites, e. g. on a two-day-trip to Paris.


To the Czech Republic

Jan-Neruda High School and Pierre de Coubertin High School

In grades 9 and 10, a student exchange with schools in Prague and Tabor takes place.

The students join classes in the partnering schools, take part in common projects, live with Czech host families and get to know the city and its environments by taking part in interesting trips and excursions. In this way they become acquainted with Czech culture, history and art.


To England

Trips to London and Wales

It has been a tradition for students from grade 11 to take part in a language trip to London.

The students live in host families and the program is assembled individually and implemented in English. Except for London, the cities of Dover and Canterbury are also visited.

Since 2007, students from grades 8 - 10 have been given the chance to visit Wales. The program includes school lessons in the mornings and discovering the area in the afternoons.

Living with host families reinforce the use of the English language and emphasize social contacts.