Learn studying

Skills training

In the 2006/2007 school year, our school introduced a training course for grades 5 and 6. In this special set of lessons, basic skills are taught that are curricular requirements. The training course’s title is ‘learn studying’.

The lessons are meant to enhance the students’ willingness and ability to learn consciously, independently and continuously so as to enable them to remain capable of learning throughout their lives. That is why the course ‘learn studying’ is particularly important. This skills training is offered at the beginning of grade 5 in order to give all students at FSG the opportunity to pick up necessary learning techniques.


Grade 5   3 days in the first week
1 day in the first term
1 day in the second term
Grade 6   1 day in the first term
1 day in the second term


Skills training

Method training Communication training Team training

basic skills
learning strategies
work techniques
time management
learning type

cooperation skills
listening skills
conversational skills
rhetorical training

motivational training
ability to cooperate
team working skills


In grades 5 and 6, the insights and skills obtained are used and further developed in all lessons. In grade 7, skills training focuses on subject teaching.

For more detailed information, please contact your child’s teachers or Ms. Schiebel, coordinator of sciences and mathematics, or Ms. Scharf, coordinator of language studies.