Foreign languages

Our school offers many opportunities for foreign language acquisition. Students can choose from a wide range of modern and ancient languages.

In addition to foreign language instruction we offer the opportunity to prepare for internationally recognized language certificates in English and French: the CAE and DELF.

The languages offered are taught in part by native teachers. Native speakers also support the teaching process and extracurricular activities as language assistants. Language courses and language trips deepen and broaden our students' skills and abilities and create cross-cultural contacts. Years of school partnerships allow a regular use of foreign languages and lead to a lively exchange.

Our students regularly and successfully prove their excellent language skills in competitions. In addition, the school provides our unique bilingual educational program for especially talented students.

Foreign language assistant

Over the past few years, we have been able to welcome native speakers to our school that have supported us in the process of language learning.
They help the students in lessons, give them support in their project work and are a great asset for our school. The students have the chance to practice their conversational English skills in and after the lessons.

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At our school, Latin is taught as an elective. Over a period of four years, students have three lessons a week, usually in the afternoon, in which they learn about ancient times, language and culture. The study of Latin meshes well with many other subjects, and the students are therefore better able to deal with foreign languages, their mother tongue, or the natural sciences.

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Language competition for Czech students

Competitions in German and English

This competition is organized annually by the National Institute for Children and Youth of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Education.

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Supplementary foreign languages