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Mission Statement

Our guiding principles:

We want to learn how to learn.

We educate with the goals of dependability, honesty, and tolerance in mind. Our students value a fear and violence-free learning environment.

We impart both subject-specific and interdisciplinary knowledge and competence, in order to ensure proper preparation for the Abitur.

We want to orient our students for a future as responsible, innovative, and mature citizens.

Our binational Gymnasium embodies living German-Czech relations in an open-minded Europe.

We enrich our city's culture through our intellectual contribution with exhibitions, participation in projects, and with the “Market of Cultures,” as well as the City Fair.

We act locally, but think globally. There is no place here for extremist mindsets.

These principles are collectively borne by parents, students, and teachers.

Our pedagogical mission is regarding the implementation of these principles:

A culture of learning:

  • The double-hour principle and open class configurations informed by student-oriented lesson planning

  • Supplementation of the classroom principle with contemporary room design

  • “Learning how to learn” as a progressive training in method and competence in classes 5 through 6

  • Combined-subject lessons as a project-oriented form of integrated lessons

  • Multi-media library to supplement lessons and deepen personal interests

  • Photography, Man and Time, Nature and Technology, Physics in English, German-Czech Relations as an election in grades 11 and 12

  • Subject specific trips for all grade levels

School culture:

  • Widespread offerings for the entire day

  • Language-specific certification courses (Latinum, DELF, CAE, FCE)

  • School band

  • “Racism free school- School with Courage” Certificate

  • Individual professional and academic counseling

  • Park with bio-habitat

  • New, modern sports hall with three courts

  • Student newspaper

  • Student radio

  • School museum

Our contribution towards living and learning in a unified Europe

As a part of our school's bi-national character, our special interest in the acquisition of foreign languages is realized not in isolated lessons, but instead by integrating with chosen subjects.

In addition to the bi-national diploma, the experience of co-operative learning during the time at our Gymnasium also provides opportunities for the future.

Experiencing learning and social interactions which cross borders, in addition to exchange programs with Morteau, Bad Kissingen, Prague, Tabor, and school trips to Wales and London.

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