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Foreign language assistant

Over the past few years, we have been able to welcome native speakers to our school that have supported us in the process of language learning.
They help the students in lessons, give them support in their project work and are a great asset for our school. The students have the chance to practice their conversational English skills in and after the lessons.

The exchange program for foreign language assistants celebrated its 100th anniversary in the school year 2004/2005, which makes it the oldest of all exchange programs.
Supported by the PAD (Pedagogic Exchange Service), young people from Great Britain, Ireland, the United States and the Czech Republic were given the opportunity to assist the teachers at Schiller-Gymnasium for the duration of one school year.
“Being native speakers they have so many different ways to make foreign language teaching authentic, realistic and really motivating for the students [...]” (‘Wegweiser’, PDA, Bonn, 2006, p. 11)

The following English-speaking assistants have been mentored by Ms. Zeligmann:

Name From Schoolyear
Anna Milbourne England 1994/95
Judith Hardisty England 1995/96
Conor Mulrooney Irleand 1996/97
Craig McCombie Scotland 1997/98
Elizabeth Titmuss England 1998/99
Amanda Bossom USA 1999/2000
Jenni Rudd England 2001/02
Kate Benjamin England 2002/03
Amy Heard England 2004/05
Nicholas Spindel USA 2005/06
Alexander Webb England 2006/07
Sarah Felton England 2007/08
Thomas Allison England 2008/09
Daniel Wilson USA 2009/10
Alexander Lambrow USA 2010/11

Jade Severson

Erik Pomrenke





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