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Competences of the CertiLingua Label of Excellence

Linguistic competences:

  • The candidates have written and oral command of at least two languages other than their native/first language on level B2 of the Common European Framework for Languages (multilingual competences) and
  • They have successfully used at least one of these languages as their learning and working language in one or more CLIL courses over a longer period of time or in several modules. With this language or these languages they have a solid basis at their disposal to continue their own course of education in international contexts (bilingual competences, CLIL, EMILE)..

European and international competences:

  • The candidates have successfully used curricular and additional educational opportunities aiming at a European and international dimension and have reached competence level 4 of the ELOS DRAFT Common Framework for Europe Competence *2. They have given evidence of their intercultural ability to act by their participation in a European / international cooperation project. Thereby, they meet the standards of international universities and business enterprises to a special degree.
  • Variants to the above mentioned requirements are possible (for instance, the consideration of ancient languages, and a graduated competence profile for further languages).

Award conditions:

  • The CertiLingua label of excellence for plurilingual, European and international competences is awarded by schools and educational institutions which are formally accredited by the highest school authorities either on a national level or on the level of the federal states. The prerequisites for accreditation are the demonstration of the educational provisions which are required for the baccalaureate label as well as proof of target agreements on objectives concerning the quality of these offers or the performance to be attained by the graduate.
  • The accredited school awards a graduate the CertiLingua label of excellence for plurilingual, European and international competences if he or she has successfully graduated in the appropriate courses and has submitted the required proof thereof. Documentation of achievements on the baccalaureate diploma is a condition. Criteria for the documented European / international project will be developed in cooperation by the international partners.

*1 More than 36 countries have already joined the convention, including non-European countries like New Zealand..
*2 Elos Europe competence framwork (Entwurf des Elos Scientific Committee)

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